Your World Your Way

With 6 ships in service, the Group is headquartered in Miami and operates at global level, mainly on routes in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, North and Central America, South America, the Arab Emirates, the Indian Ocean and the Far East.

  • Built: 1998-2012
  • In service: 1998 -
  • Fleet Status: 6 of 6


Formed in 2002, Oceania Cruises is the world’s largest upper premium cruise line. Finest Cuisine at Sea, Destination Immersion Specialists and Intimate & Luxurious ships are the pillars that define Oceania cruises five star product.


Oceania offers a truly refined and casually elegant travel experience.
Featuring a fleet of warm and luxurious ships, Oceania Cruises offers an unrivaled holiday experience renowned for both its gourmet culinary program.