Wonders Of The North

In the countries around the Baltic Sea, you can expect vast forests, turquoise lakes, breath-taking fjords and fascinating cities. Explore Stockholm, the stylish and green Swedish capital, with its acres of parks and its medieval centre, Gamla Stan. Bike through the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, and hop on an urban roller coaster in Tivoli Gardens. Stroll around Helsinki's bustling market square, surrounded by graceful 19th-century buildings.

Head to Tallinn, Estonia, to enjoy its lively cafes, galleries and medieval heritage. Jump onboard a Scandinavian cruise to visit St. Petersburg and the iconic Hermitage museum, impressive palaces and grand churches.

The Baltic Sea and Scandinavia are alive with vibrant landscapes to explore. Sail past Norway's majestic fjords, witness the Northern Lights for yourself, or seek out hidden waterfalls in Estonia. You might get the chance to see wisps of green, yellow, red and violet above the horizon during your vacation. The stunning Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every admirer of nature should get to see.

Experience the lively and fun atmosphere in Scandinavia during the Midnight Sun, when the sun remains above the horizon for most of the "day." Make like a local in Helsinki and head out to dinner at midnight in what feels like noon light.