Love, Romance & Cruising – A Perfect Combination

You’ve eaten the cake and drank all the champagne and now you’re on your way to newly-wedded bliss on the honeymoon of a lifetime. But how do you go about choosing the perfect destination to launch married life?

There’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to travel, but on your first getaway as a married couple, the magic ingredients for a perfect honeymoon remain the same: exotic destinations, plenty of romance and the making of incredible memories.

And nothing quite fits the bill as a honeymoon cruise; spectacular vistas, diverse awe-inspiring locations, unforgettable experiences as well as luxurious pampering on board…

Our luscious selection of extraordinary honeymoon destinations

Here’s our luscious selection of extraordinary honeymoon destinations which will certainly create memories to treasure…


Who would’ve thought that a volcano eruption could create such outstanding beauty? Hundreds of islands, home to thousands of lush, picture perfect beaches make Hawaii the ultimate honeymoon destination. Sun, crystalline ocean, exotic greenery and breath-taking scenery make Hawaii the closest thing to paradise on Earth.

Whatever floats your boat can be found in Hawaii; from snorkelling with sharks, helicopter tours of the islands to a visit to the traditional, Polynesian style hand tap tattoo parlours. And the beauty of it is that there are hundreds of these mini paradises to explore, so island-hopping is a must!

South America

Thousands of miles of rugged scenery, magnificent mountain ranges, miles of steaming tropical jungle, interspersed with modern, pulsating metropolis… Ladies and gentlemen, look no further… Welcome to the vast and richly diverse continent of South America.

Stretching languorously from just above the tropical Equator to sub-Antarctica, South America is the stuff dreams are made of! From the architectural gems of Argentina to the wonders of Brazil the land of the samba, right to the ancient mystical temples of the Incas of Peru, this rich, vast continent offers all the ingredients for a sultry, magical journey well beyond what even the wildest of imaginations can conjure.

The only downside? South America is too limitless a continent to experience on a single cruise… A second or even third honeymoon might just do the trick…


A South East Asian gem of outstanding natural beauty, with a rich tapestry of historical traditions and a cultural melting pot that is rarely found elsewhere, Vietnam is a veritable feast for the very senses. From ancient temples to even more ancient artisan crafts via the most delectable street food in the world.

A foodie haven and a gourmand’s dream, Vietnam offers a top-notch culinary experience at a cost friendly price. Also boasting of long stretches of sandy, palm lined beaches along the coastline, as well as a vibrant, glittering nightlife, this incredible country is one of the most spellbinding destinations on Earth.

Post by Giselle Scicluna