Biodiverse Beauty

Hunt for cultural treasures and outdoor thrills in South America. Central and South America are a lively mix of cultures, history, music, cuisine and natural landscapes. Lose yourself in the charm of Cartagena, Colombia's colourful and colonial capital city. Travel deep into the lush rain forests of Costa Rica in San Luis Park. Lay back on white-sand beaches like Dzul Ha and Chen Rio in Cozumel, Mexico. Go snorkelling in the warm waters lined with vibrant coral reefs off Belize, and see the Mayan landmark El Castillo in the rain forest near Belize City.

Cruise to Central and South America to stroll through the Spanish colonial-era streets of Antigua, Guatemala, with its Baroque churches back dropped by dramatic Volcan de Agua volcano. South America is diverse in all realms, with cultural treasures waiting to be discovered. Walk the cobblestone streets of Cartagena, Colombia, and Antigua, Guatemala, lined with regal plazas and opulent churches. Then, stop by the local markets to peruse the hand-embroidered, brightly coloured traditional garments and take in the fragrant smells of dried chiles