Freedom Class

Built between 2006 and 2008, they were the largest ships afloat. They were also the first ships to introduce the FlowRider surf simulator in the cruising industry. Recently, both the Freedom of the Seas and Independence of the Seas have been amplified. The Liberty of the Seas should be amplified in the near future.

  • Built: 2004–2008
  • In service: 2006–present
  • Fleet Status: 3 out of 4


The Freedom Class incorporates 3 ships mainly : The Freedom of the Seas, The Liberty of the Seas and The Indipendence of the Seas.


Royal Caribbean’s Freedom Class is the next generation to the Voyager Class. In addition to adding some significant length to these ships, a bunch of fun features were commissioned.

As seen below, you’ll find this class features a basketball court, rock wall, mini-golf course, ice skating rink, Flowrider surf simulator, boxing ring, and H20 Zone.