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With 6 ships in service, the Group is headquartered in Hanover and operates at global level, mainly on routes in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, North and Central America, South America, the Arab Emirates, the Indian Ocean and the Far East.

  • Built: 2009-2019
  • In service: 2009 -
  • Fleet Status: 6 of 6


The Tui fleet has been operating since 2009 and since then it saw the expansion of the fleet from 1 to 6 ships, all of which have the same style.


TUI Cruises is a cruise line based in Germany. It was formed in 2007 and started it’s operations in 2009. It targets German Speaking customers who opt for a premium cruise experience.
The onboard product, including food , entertainment and amenities, is custom tailored for German taste and German is the main language used onboard its ships.